Picture of Hana & Haleakala
Picture of Hana & Haleakala Picture of Hana & Haleakala Picture of Hana & Haleakala

Hana & Haleakala

This flight covers the most requested sights on Maui, including Haleakala Crater, tropical Hana Rain forests and spectacular waterfalls.

Flight time represents an approximate time of departure. Actual departure time will be shown on your confirmation email. 

In order to take advantage of pre-paying for the two front seats both passengers may not weigh more than 380 pounds combined. Front seats are only sold as a pair (2).


This flight takes you to the most requested sights in East Maui: Haleakala Crater, lush tropical rainforest of Hana, deep valleys and spectacular waterfalls. The best 45 minutes you can spend on Maui!


Terms and Conditions (MUST READ) 

  • Cancellation policy:  No refunds or rescheduling within 48hrs of flight time.  For groups 12 or more 7 days notice is required.
  • Flight routes and sights may vary due to weather conditions.
  • Half hour prior check-in to all flights is required.
  • Comfort seat charge for passengers weighing 240lbs or more or a combined weight of 420lbs. 

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